Esthetician services are provided by Raechl Kaiser.

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EstheticsNaturopathica Skin Care

Oasis Health Spa uses the Naturopathica Skin Care line. Naturopathica Holistic Heatlh is a natural anti-aging line based on the premise that the primary cause of premature aging is inflammation or over-stressed skin.

Naturopathica’s approach to holistic skin care begins by eliminating harmful synthetics and skin irritants found in over 75% of the most popular skin care brands such as parabens, glycols or sulfates, and then adding clinically proven ingredients like plant stem cells, antioxidants and peptides that provide real benefits to the skin. That’s why Naturopathica’s credo is “A Better Beauty” – using active ingredients to produce visible results without using irritating ingredients that accelerate premature aging.

Naturopathica Peels
Oasis Health Spa was designed to create a peaceful, nurturing, natural spa experience where those looking for a get-away from day-to-day activities could come to relax, replenish, and be pampered. Our beautiful spa is decorated with comfortable cushioned furniture and lush plants. The whiff of aromatherapy, soothing music, and flowing water set the mood.


Naturopathica Facial
Experience dramatic results with this skin conditioning treatment designed to correct inflammation. The session begins with an exfoliation to remove dead surface cells and is followed by a layering of vitamins, antioxidants and botanicals to leave skin protected and revitalized. Customized to skin type and needs.

  • 75 minutes $75

Basic Facial
For those with a limited amount of time. Enjoy the Naturopathica Facial without eye/lip/peel treatments. Customized to skin type and needs.

  • 30-45 minutes $50


  • Eye Treatment $10
  • Lip Treatment $10
  • Peel $15

Natural Face Lift

In this treatment we will regenerate and firm your skin by  using a combination of galvanic and  mirco- current, meso therapy, and ultra sonic modalities to increase product penetration and stimulate collagen renewal. The natural face lift treatment  includes ultra– hydrating  hyaluronic acid  with  product penetrating technology to slow cellular aging and firm the skin

  • 75 Minutes $85

Hot and Cold Stone Facial

Using hot stones in a facial adds beneficial heat to open pores and allows a deeper cleansing while stimulating circulation for glowing skin. Cold stones are excellent for promoting circulation and can reduce swelling or fluid build-up under the eyes.

  • 60 minutes $75

Bamboo Fisage Facial

Relax as the warm bamboo reeds glide lightly along the face.  The skin will be left soft and supple while increasing the flow of oxygen and blood for a healthy glow.

  60 minutes $75      

 Honey Tapping Facial  

 Honey is natures best skin food. Prized for its antibacterial and humectant properties, able to reinforce the skin’s lipids and clarify without stripping the skin.  

60 minutes $75 

Age Defense Hand Treatment

Transform weathered hands, giving them the attention they deserve. Powerful antioxidants and rejuvenating botanical extracts deliver deep hydration to combat dryness and reduce visible signs of aging.

  • $35 stand alone 
  • 20 minutes  $25 add-on

Ingrown Hair Treatment

The revitalizing five-step procedure includes skin cleansing, exfoliation, removal of ingrown hairs, infusion of the  product with an irritation-free high-frequency technology and moisturizing.

  • Add on $25

Vacation Hair Removal Package

Combine 4 or more sugaring/waxing services and receive 10% off


A temporary brow enhancement that results in a natural, fuller brow that can  last up to 5 weeks with  proper care. Whether you are looking for something subtle, or desire  an alternative to brow tattooing, henna can be completely customized  to meet your individual goals through product and processing time.

  • 25 minutes $25                                                           


Sugaring is a form of hair removal that utilizes an all natural product made from water and sugar to form a paste. This paste is removed with a flicking motion, not strips. Some people find it to be more comfortable than waxing because it is warmed by body heat and is never hot.

Brow $17
Lip $12
Chin $12
Face $25
Half Leg $40
Full Leg $65
Under Arm $25
Arms $30
Bikini from $45
Brazilian from $60


Brow $15
Lip $10
Chin $10
Face $20
Half Leg $35
Full Leg $45
Under Arm $20
Arms $25
Bikini from from $35
Brazilian from $55
Back or Chest $40

The Oasis Spa at the Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic holds a current salon license through the Montana Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists.