Vibro-Acoustic Harp Therapy- Now offered in the clinic

Often described as a ‘Musical Massage’, Vibroacoustic Harp therapy® or VAHT involves the live performance of harp music amplified through a sound vibration table. Sarajane Williams, Licensed Psychologist and professional harpist, pioneered this new approach to Vibro Acoustic Therapy.

The aesthetic beauty of the Harp and its warm, full-frequency sound and overtones vibrate the physical body and energetic counterpart, providing multi-stimulation and harmonization of the body, mind and spirit.

Physically, the plucked harp strings vibrate and resonate with the tissues of the body; increasing circulation and lymphatic flow. Overall, the soothing sounds and vibrations relax muscular tension and gently calm the nervous system. VAHT reduces anxiety and pain; providing comfort, peace and well-being!

What can a Client expect during a Session?

After a short interview and discussion of health issues, the client will lie clothed on a comfortable sound massage table.
During the VAHT session, harp music is played live and amplified through the vibratory sound table. Clients are asked to focus on areas of tension and pain in the body, while specific tones that resonate in those areas are identified.Relaxing selections of music are then played or improvised based on the client’s needs.

While lying on the vibrotactile sound table, the client will experience musical tones in the form of vibrations in different areas of their body.
VAHT often produces responses such as deep relaxation, dream-like imagery, reduction of pain, release of physical and emotional tensions, increased energy, expansion of body awareness and feelings of being nurtured.

Each session closes with hands-on grounding techniques and sharing of the experience. Longer treatments may include additional modalities such as CranialSacral Therapy, Energy Balancing techniques and Singing Bowls.


VAHT is a gentle therapy that uses sound waves and vibration to deeply penetrate the mind, body and spirit. VAHT’s non-pharmacological approach to treating pain, stress and anxiety is a safe, non-invasive form of healing.

VAHT offers numerous benefits:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Elevates Mood
  • Soothes the nervous system
  • Calms the mind
  • Helps with pain management
  • Relaxes muscle cramps and tension
  • Enhances Sleep
  • Increases blood flow, supporting healthy circulation
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Stimulates muscle tone
  • Balances the energy field
  • Supports lymphatic flow and a healthy immune system

Schedule Your VAHT Session

For more information and to schedule your session, please contact: Cathleen Kuras, Certified Clinical Musician.