Naturopathic Oncology

Our services in naturopathic oncology enhance the survival and quality of life for people living with cancer. We guide patients in the safe use of natural therapies in conjunction with conventional therapies, working closely with other providers to design and carry out individualized treatment plans.

Care is provided by our naturopathic oncology team, in consultation with Dr. Beeson, Affiliate Clinical Naturopathic Oncology Consultant to YNC. In addition to treating YNC patients, we work with patients under the care of oncologists at our residency partner sites, St. Vincent Cancer Center of Montana and Holy Rosary Healthcare.

As a partner in integrated cancer care, we:

  • Provide nutritional counseling and prescribe supplements to:
    • Improve the effectiveness of, and reduce the side-effects of, chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal and targeted therapies.
    • Prevent disease progression, metastatic spread of tumors, and disease recurrence.
    • Reduce risk for people with a genetic predisposition to cancer or a strong family history of the disease.
  • Design pre and post-surgery protocols (including diet, supplementation, exercise, detoxification, hydrotherapy, craniasacral therapy and other spa therapies) to enhance patient comfort and recovery.
  • Educate patients and providers about the role, benefits and proper selection of complementary and alternative medicines in cancer prevention, treatment and recovery.
  • Provide palliative care at the end of life to improve the quality of life and the quality of death and dying.
  • Disclose and explain natural therapeutics being used to all involved providers.

People diagnosed with cancer increasingly use natural therapeutics but often do not disclose such use to their conventional physician. Some natural therapeutics are incompatible with conventional cancer care due to herb-drug-nutrient interactions, metabolic interferences, or cancer sensitivities (e.g., some cancers are hormone sensitive).

Treatment protocols are individually designed with the active involvement of the patient.