Naturopathic Oncology Residency

Established in 2007, our oncology residency is a partnership of YNC and St. Vincent Frontier Cancer Center.  The oncology resident works part time in naturopathic primary care at our clinic, and part time at Frontier Cancer Center treating patients under the care of an oncologist.

Patients at Frontier Cancer Center have the option of working with the clinic’s naturopathic resident as a partner in their care.  Naturopathic treatments available to patients include nutritional counseling and supplementation to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and hormonal and targeted therapies, and pre- and post-surgery protocols to enhance patient comfort and recovery.

This program is supported by a donation in memory of L.P. and Teresa Anderson.

Oncology Residency Rotation Sites Resident Supervisors
Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic Margaret Beeson, ND
St. Vincent Frontier Cancer Center Marty Lucas, MD