Natural Pain Relief Therapies

Chiropractic Care
Nonsurgical, drug-free options for correcting, bone, disc, nerve, ligament, muscle, and soft-tissue problems related to spinal immobility; specific therapies include vertebrae realignment (adjustment), flexion/distraction, soft-tissue therapy, electrical stimulation, and postural instruction. more >

Therapeutic Massage
Wide range of touch techniques to relax, detoxify, and sooth. more >

Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Advice and menu planning to reduce the intake of foods that contribute to chronic inflammation and resulting disease; recommended diet includes a healthy balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and other foods to lower and stabilize blood sugar. more >

Regenerative Injection Therapies

  • Neural Therapy
    Injection of local anesthetics into trigger points, scars, and other tissues; restores electrochemical function of cells and calms the body’s pain pathways. more >
  • Prolotherapy
    Nonsurgical ligament reconstruction; involves injection of a B12/Dextrose/Procaine solution into ligaments, tendons and joints; the injection summons growth factors that stimulate local regeneration, improving ligament laxity and joint stability. more >
  • Trigger Point Injections
    Injection of local anesthetics, nutrients, and/or homeopathics into painful muscle trigger points to relax spasms and increase blood flow. more >
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy
    Injection of the patient’s own blood platelets into damaged tendons or muscle, inundating the area with healing cells and encouraging natural repair. The platelets cause new collagen to be deposited, strengthening the damaged tissues as the collagen matures and tightens. more >

Peat Peloid Packs and Baths.
Application of thermal peat packs to localized area of pain, or use of full-immersion peat bath to transfer heat and minerals into the body; moderates inflammation and rheumatological disease and promotes relaxation and pain relief. more >

Therapeutic Massage
Wide range of touch techniques to relax, detoxify, and sooth.

Gentle posing exercises and a variety of bending, stretching, visualization, focusing, and breathing techniques to relax and strengthen muscles, improve circulation, and reduce stress