by Patricia Holl

patricia_hollDo you have trouble sleeping at night? Are you having difficulty focusing at work or on  responsibilities at home?  Is anxiety interfering with your life? Has it become almost impossible to relax? If so, you’re not alone. Every activity we do throughout the day demands a certain degree of consciousness and awareness. Our brain, the ‘administrator’ of these activities, requires an enormous amount of flexibility to manage and multi-task these everyday endeavors, as well as the ability to efficiently transition from one event to the next. When stress, anxiety or emotional distress occurs, the agitation and alarm we experience can start to overwhelm us.

NeurOptimal is a cutting edge neurofeedback system designed to train the brain to enhance your wellbeing and unlock cognitive potential. This technology monitors brainwaves through a process known as entrainment, which refers to our brain’s ‘electrical response to rhythmic sensory stimulation, such as pulses of sound or light.’ A rhythmic stimulus, such as pulses of sound, can begin to productively alter our brainwave patterns, synchronizing our electric cycles and guiding us to useful and constructive mental states.

Brain health is important throughout our lives, but becomes particularly critical as we age when degenerative changes can adversely affect our brains. Memory loss, insomnia, anxiety and even the physical challenges of chronic pain are all brain-based conditions. As Dr Datis Kharazian, author of ‘Why Isn’t My Brain Working’ points out, ‘the functions of posture and balance, muscle tone, spinal stability, pain perception and athletic performance are all related to ‘brain function’. These functions are specific to pathways in the brain and when they are not working, patients suffer from dizziness, chronic pain, spinal instability, abnormal muscle tone/tightness, etc.’

NeurOptimal training provides individuals with coping mechanisms to deal with the challenges of everyday life, as well as strengthens and conditions our brains to decelerate the detrimental effects of brain aging and decline. By focusing on the central nervous system, NeurOptimal monitors brainwaves and alerts the brain when it isn’t functioning optimally. As the brain adjusts to this training, it reorganizes itself and improves function by becoming more elastic and resilient. This can improve our nervous system’s ability to recover from adverse conditions, such as anxiety, insomnia and depression. Rather than suffering from the deleterious effects of long term trauma or loss, a flexible and durable brain can return to a healthy baseline and resume a happier and more peaceful way of life.

Remember that your brain is living tissue, and can be affected by stress, insomnia, depression and any of the myriad influences experienced in daily life. And, as living tissue, it can reorganize, rebuild and recover. So, if you think your brain could use a workout, NeurOptimal is an excellent option. A stronger brain, a healthier you!