Spa Packages

Stress Escape

Short on time, but need to get away from the stress of everyday life? Enjoy a Body Scrub in our Vichy Shower Room, followed by a 30 minute massage.

  • 1½ hours $100


Give yourself some TLC with a Salt & Flower Petal Foot Soak, 60 minute Relaxation Massage, and end with our Peat Mud Bath.

  • 2 hours $110


Begin with our Salt & Flower Petal Foot Soak, followed by a 60 minute Massage, and our Natural Face Lift Facial, this package promotes true wellness.

  • 2½ hours $160


Great for those looking to increase circulation and promote detoxification. Your therapist first uses essential oils during Skin Brushing and then you’ll rest in one of our Bath Cures.

  • 1 hour $75
  • 4 treatments for $240

The Oasis Experience

A day of true indulgence starts with a Body Scrub in our Vichy Shower, followed by a Naturopathica Bath Cure, a 60 minute Massage tailored to your specific needs, and ending with a relaxing facial.

  • 4 hours $230

~Personalized Spa Day~

We love to customize packages for our clients! We offer free 15-minute consultations and spa tours to help you design a special experience for your individual or group needs.

Spa Packages - Sauna
Spa Packages - Palm
Spa Packages - Hydrotherapy